Waterfall of the Gods - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

Friday July 24th, 2014.

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... or Godafoss, as the Icelanders call it.

So many of the waterfalls in Iceland have been photographed before, especially this one, in every which way. You could probably say the same for anything in Iceland for that matter. So given its photographic popularity, It was a constant challenge to try to come up with something new or unique here. 

With Godafoss, it actually took me leaving and shooting by myself to really get a feel for the location. I wandered around to a cliff and sat on the edge, just watching the waterfall. It was almost like two new people meeting for the first time. The water powerfully flowed over a crescent-shaped cliff, in many separate waterfalls, all together in the one location. To see from a distance, it's one particularly incredible sight. The sheer size and volume of water coming through here is phenomenal.

The tendency was to shoot it all at once, to capture the enormity of the waterfall. But, I strayed from that. When zoomed in, it became a lot more intimate. The way the water embraced the cliff as it fell over to the edge, and the way the water crashed into the pool below had a peaceful, yet violent harmony. The diptych here, is how I see Godafoss.

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