The House At Kirkjufell - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

Sunday June 22, 2014.

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This time last year I was in Iceland, driving around the West Fjords looking for a place to photograph the midnight sun as it tried to set over the horizon. It seemed only fitting to post a photo from Iceland today, but instead of going for summer I went back to my trip there during March of the previous year, at the end of winter.

I didn't think I photographed Kirkjufell much when I was there in winter. The roads were covered in snow and ice, and nearly impossible to pass. I had a very skilled driver take me all around the Sn√¶fellsnes peninsula, north of Reykjavik and south of the West Fjords, to photograph some of the locations out there.

I remember coming across this little house by Kirkjufell, the mountain in the photograph, and thinking to myself what a wonderful place this must be to live. Even in the coldest and harshest of climates, what a view this must be to take in each and every day.

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