The 12th Man - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

Sunday February 2nd, 2014

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You know, there's nothing quite like the feeling of being in the middle of a city when you can just feel the buzz of the town. It happens every now and then at a concert, on a big holiday, or sometimes in a very rare situation. These rare times are the sweetest, where the pulse just feels that much stronger. The past two weeks, Seattle has been alight with 12th Man pride. The Seahawks were in the NFC championship and today, they are in the Super Bowl for just the second time in franchise history.

The town couldn't be more alive. You can see it in the people in the street, dressed in Seahawks colours, jerseys, shirts, scarves, hats, you name it. You can see it on television - almost every local station has some kind of Seahawks story. You can even see it on the city skyline. Last night, the city literally turned blue and green and a cry of the 12th Man echoed through the city. Everyone is coming together to cheer on the team and there is a genuine excitement everywhere you turn. It's really quite something... you can't help but get involved...


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