Public Market - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

December 15th, 2013

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Last night I spent some time catching up with my good mate Jake Johnson, and shooting around downtown Seattle. This was also my first real chance to shoot in low light with my new Nikon Df, in a setting where I was hoping the camera would really shine. Walking through Pike Place Market in Seattle is always an interesting experience. Everything there is always different. In this case, the market was just closing down for the day. Vendors were tearing their stalls down, and it was for the most part, largely empty. A few people were still out and strolling around in the cool winter night, heading to dinner, going to meet friends, or maybe just walking around. Some vendors were still out, selling hot cider. Urban scenes like this really grip me, because everything in that moment is so transient. It will never be the same ever again, and as a storyteller, I find this fascinating.

In terms of evaluating the new camera, I'm really, really impressed. This camera is not just a joy to shoot with, it crushes images in low light. At ISO 3200, there's barely any noise that's problematic. I'm really excited to see what else this camera can do!

Nikon Df, with attached 50mm f/1.4 lens
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