Pinnacle of Night - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

Monday March 10th, 2014

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A couple of hours due north of Perth, Western Australia is Nambung National Park. Within it, lies a section of desert known as "The Pinnacles" where hundreds and hundreds of limestone spires jut out of the desert floor. They range in height, capping out at around a couple of metres high.

One afternoon while I was in Perth this past January, I packed up my camera gear and made my way north to this pocket of the desert. I wanted to shoot sunset here, but I was really interested in what was going to happen after the sun dipped below the horizon. I had a few hours between sunset and when the moon was due to rise, so the chance to catch a milky way somewhere over these rock formations was pretty good.

Right before sunset, the desert was packed with people wanting to visit and see The Pinnacles for themselves. As the sun went down though, they started to slowly filter out and head back towards town. Slowly but surely, the desert became more and more mine. By the time darkness fell, I had the whole place to myself. There was absolute silence. Occasionally you'd hear the sound of sand rustling. Kangaroos and Emus call this place home to some extent, and the tracks left behind around the desert floor seemed to confirm that. It was a real treat to share the comfort of night with these animals as I made this photograph. It's a truly magical place to visit, and an entirely different and otherwordly place to experience in total silence and darkness.

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