Morning's Catch - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

Monday May 12th, 2014

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I had a fishing rod when I was a boy. My family would go on camping trips north of Perth to a small town called Kalbarri, where the Murchison River would often be filled with all kinds of fish ready to catch for dinner. My sister and I both had our fishing rods and tackle boxes, and my Dad would take us to the river to teach us how to fish. We were never any good at it, but that wasn't really the point. I don't remember those days because we went fishing.

When I was back in Western Australia this past January, I didn't visit Kalbarri (it's quite the drive north of Perth) but I did make time to go down south to Dunsborough and visit the south west region of the state. I had a couple of locations planned out to photograph during sunrise and sunset, but the rest of it was all open-ended and waiting for whatever to happen. Such is the case with this little boat ramp, just east of the town of Dunsborough. I had no idea it was here, yet once I saw it from the beach, I was captivated. In the morning light, fishing boats arrived and left to find their morning's catch.

At first glance before the boats arrived (as in the below image), I wasn't reminded of my childhood camping and attempted-fishing trips, but once the boats started to arrive, it all started to come back to me. I watched this father and son launch their boat and prepare for their trip out to see what fish they might catch this morning. It was kind of wonderful. This is hands down one of my favourite images I made while I was in Australia.

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