Icelandic Moonrise - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas
September 29th, 2013
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We left Akureyri bound for Seyðisfjörður, knowing only too well the time of night that we would arrive. It was a long drive to make in one day, with stops along the way at several locations to photograph lakes and waterfalls. The road meandered up and down many mountains, so much so that we passed in and out of layers of fog from above and below the fog level - very eerie.

The road into Seyðisfjörður sees you drive up a fairly high mountain, at the end of a fjord, and then you drive down into the valley, where the town sits at sea-level at the head of the fjord. We took our time, and arrived well after midnight, delightfully coinciding with sunset, and to my surprise... a full moon rise from behind the mountains.

We pulled over near the top of the mountain before we descended down into Seyðisfjörður, and watched the most beautiful moon rise. Lenticular clouds formed at the top of the peaks of the mountains to usher the moon into the sky.
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