Country Impressions - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas
October 18th, 2013
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We parked the car not too far from the water's edge. It was our first visit here, to the state, the city, and to this park a short distance outside of town. The mental picture in my head was very different to what I was seeing as we began to walk along the trail that lead to the cliffs. The woods were silent but not for the sound of cicadas and other birds whose song I was largely unfamiliar with. This place, was not at all what I expected. It was peaceful, sublime, and autumnly beautiful.

At one point on the walk, I was compelled to stop and just look around me. Taking this unexpectedly beautiful forest walk was not something I expected in the south. I thought it would be far more barren, and open farmland. It felt like... home, in some ways. Colours in the trees and on the ground were the warm tones of Autumn.

The cliffs at the edge were flat enough for us to sit and spend some time. Looking outward towards the lake, you could see fisherman slowly drift by in their boats on the still water. At one point I laid down along the cliff edge, and looked up at the trees again. It was a perfect place to be.
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