Beautiful Hoi An - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

Tuesday June 17th, 2014.

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It's hard to believe that about four years ago, I was wandering around south-east Asia. I visited Indonesia (Bali), Cambodia, and Vietnam. I'd visited Bali many times before, but this was my first visit for Cambodia and Vietnam. I'll never forget the hospitality and friendly personalities of the people there. Despite less than first world conditions, these people were more than happy to offer friendship, guidance around the town, and many other kindnesses.

One of my favourite places in Vietnam was a little town called Hoi An. It's a country town on Vietnam's central coast, bordering the South China Sea. Hoi An is split in two by a small river, that serves the town's fishing industry. This is one of the few places in the country that was not hit by the war, and as such retains a lot of the French-influenced architecture, and older buildings by comparison to a lot of other places in Vietnam.

I remember spending a lot of time walking up and down the river bank, watching cyclists, locals, and fisherman go by. It was such a peaceful sight to see everyone in harmony together, just going about their day, happy in each other's presence, and more than happy to show the odd tourist or two the best places to get lunch, have a suit tailored, or where to find some delicious Vietnamese coffee.

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