15th Avenue - Photography of Jacob F. Lucas

November 14th, 2013

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I'm currently working on a short photo project that documents one of the streets in my neighbourhood in Seattle. I live on Capitol Hill, a fun and vibrant community that sits just East of Seattle, about a mile or so out of the city. 15th Avenue is one of the main streets in the neighbourhood, lined with shops, cafes, coffee shops (naturally, it's Seattle after all...), bars, pubs, florists, the list goes on.

I'm shooting the essay with my Rolleicord TLR film camera, on 120 film. A couple of weeks ago I went out to shoot a roll at night, mostly to scout out how the film performs at night. My first roll of this didn't yield too many successful images. I definitely need to come back with a tripod and try this again to shoot more images for the series, but one image that came out of this first pass was this fun double exposure. Hooray for film!

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